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Viral Mailers ans Safelists have been around for a long time… Why?… Because they work… but, you have to be consistent. Hit and miss marketing will just be a waste of time. I brought 40+ into my business using nothing but viral mailers. I don’t use them any more because I now use paid traffic methods… I re-invest my earnings.

Here is a well-done training video by master marketer Darren Olander which explains exactly what these marketing tools are… how to get the best results… and how to setup your GMail accounts properly.


Here’s another great training I found on YouTube by Jeremy Kennedy…

Recommended Top Performing Mailers?

One of my projects over the last several months has been to test the performance of well over 100 Mailer and Safelist sites. My goal has been to determine the best performing sites based on their “FREE” membership levels.

The Testing Process

Here is a brief description of my testing process:

  1. Join and earn enough credits to mail 3 times to the maximum number of mail recipients allowed for free members… and this varies a lot. Your free membership may allow you to mail anywhere from 100 emails to over 13,000.
  2. Using a link tracking service, determine the number of clicks received on three consecutive mailings. I mailed out over a three week period, each time on Tuesdays.
  3. On the Monday night following the mailing I would check the stats on each of the mailers that I used the previous week, and record the results on an Excel Spreadsheet.

I am listing the stats of each mailer and Safelist under the “Join Links” listed below.


Recommended Mailer and Safelist “Join Links”


Here are the results of my tests… I am listing these in order of the average number of clicks that were delivered to my affiliate links. This is also the order that I would recommend to join these Mailers and Safelists… after all, if a certain site delivered the most clicks for FREE, wouldn’t you think that they would also deliver the most at their “paid membership levels”?




Herculist has been around for a long time… I’m not sure how long, but I first joined when I started marketing online in 2008. Herculist is also the exception to the rule, as the “FREE” membership doesn’t deliver as well as some of the other sites. I am placing it here in my list of recommendations because of the performance of the “PAID” membership.

As a “FREE” member you are allowed to mail to 1,000 members without needing ANY mailing credits.

But, you can join as a “Lifetime GOLD Member” for just $49, one time.

Why would you want to do that?

Because, as a Gold Level Member, you can mail out to 88,600+ members each and every day… and NO mailing credits are needed.

And the list is VERY responsive as well.

By clicking the links on other member’s emails, you can also mail out “Credit Mails”… two credits needed to mail to one member.

These credits can also be used to post “Power Blurbs” which are similar to “Banner Ads”. I have tested these also and they have actually out performed the credit mails.

The last thing I’ll mention is the “Mailing Keys”. While clicking other members emails you can also win additional prizes like more credits, or even better… a “Mailing Key”.

Each key you earn allows you to mail out an additional mailing to the entire 88,600+ members.  I have actually used as many as five “Mailing Keys”, along with my regular daily mailing, to send out 6 times on a single day… that’s over 500,000 emails sent out on one day… talk about taking massive action!

Click To Join Herculist

Profits Lion

Profits Lion is a relatively new viral mailer with some unique features.

A free member will be able to mail to the entire membership each day AFTER viewing 200 emails. This usually takes from 15-20 minutes.

I have upgraded my membership, so I am able to save one ad that is automatically sent each day out without viewing the 200 emails. I can also view the required emails and send out a second ad. Both of these ads go out to the entire membership, which is currently over 6,600 members.

The pricing for the upgraded memberships start at $17 per month, and I believe it is well worth the investment.

Click To Join Profits Lion


European Safelist

European Safelist is another site that has been around for a LONG time… it was one of the first platforms that I joined way back in 2008.

European Safelist was also the first mailer that I upgraded, and I have been a Pro Level member for years… and the cost is just $7 per month.

The main advantage that I like about being an upgraded Pro Member is that I can send out email ads three times daily, as long as I have the credits to do so. I use this feature to test my ad copy… I can send out email ads to the same number of recipients at the same time of day… or, I can send out the same ad at three different times of the day. It’s a very useful marketing tool.

Of course, the primary benefit of European Safelist is that it is a very responsive mailer that gets me a lot of clicks to my offers.

One last thing… as a Pro Level member I also get an autoresponder included along with leads that I can upload each month. Honestly, I have not used this feature as I already have two autoresponders, but it is there if you care to use it.

Click To Join European SafeList


Here are the “Best of the Rest!”

Guaranteed Mails

Click To Join Guaranteed Mails



State of the Art Mailer

Click To Join State of the Art Mailer



Harmony Mails

Click To Join Harmony Mails



Northern Mailer

Click To Join Northern Mailer




Click To Join Mail-Hog



Pangea Group

Click To Join Pangea Group



Global Safelist

Click To Join Global Safelist



Instant Viral Mailer

Click To Join Instant Viral Mailer



Easy Peasy Mailer


Click To Join Easy Peasy Mailer




100% Traffic


Click To Join 100% Traffic





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