Top Methods To Promote Savings Highway Global

(If you have not already done so, please go through the “Getting Started Section”…


A Preliminary Word of Warning…

Before you start through this list of marketing strategies, understand this…

DON’T overdo it!  Pick out one or two strategies at a time and test them to see if they work for you. Everyone is different… different skill sets… different personalities. What works for me may not work for you. I don’t do ALL of these myself even though I compiled the list.

I would start with the “Texting” method in the first section below…


One thing you will need to get the best results with these text marketing examples is a marketing page.

Currently, I am personally building these for ALL of my team members free of charge.

(As long as I can keep up… I can see that at some point as my SHG business grows I will have to farm this out, and I will have to pay someone to do it. At that point there will be a nominal fee… but not yet.)

These marketing pages will also include lead capture pages and autoresponder messages as well.


Here are a couple of examples of the marketing pages I am building for my team members..


So, how do you get your marketing pages?

Email your request to me at


*Texting (Free Strategy)

Using text messages on your phone is now our #1 method of method of marketing your business. It has been proven that well over 70% of your text messages will be opened… even higher rates on messaging your friends. In comparison, just 10-20% of emails are opened.

You probably have hundreds of phone numbers in your phone already… all you have to do is pich one of the texting messages below and send it out… I would not recommend group texts.

Here are the example messages to choose from…


Text a Friend or Business Associate with one of these examples from your SHG back office…

Hey firstname, do me a favor… if you know anyone that could use an Instant Pay Raise of 300-1000 Dollars, send them this link… Thanks
==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

Hey firstname, here’s a short video… would you watch it and let me know what you think? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

Hey, it’s Your Name. I found something cool and thought about you. You gotta see this ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

This is how we make $100 or more a day from home. You gotta see this… (Your Marketing Page Link)

Check out this video. It blew me away… (Your Marketing Page Link)

Hurry and watch this. Let me know what you think… (Your Marketing Page Link)

This is how we are saving Thousands a year and getting paid to help people. I think this will be perfect for you. Watch this video ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

OMG – YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!! ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

I just joined a Savings Club that’s so amazing. We’re saving on Gas, Car Insurance, Shopping, Dining, Travel and more.
This ROCKS!!! Don’t miss out on it. It’s the real deal! Check this out ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

A 16 year old company is helping the average family save up to $10,000 a year on their bills, insurance and more.
This is a NO-BRAINER! Check it out and let me know what you think ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

We’re growing a HUGE TEAM Worldwide with think you will love it. ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

This is the last business I’m doing online. We’re helping families save money, get out of debt and build a legacy. Let me know what you think… (Your Marketing Page Link)


These examples are from multi-millionaire network marketer, Ray Higdon…

Would you be open to a side project that didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

Would you be open to exploring another avenue of making income part time? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

What has recently changed in your life that has you open to a home business? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

Ever wonder if there was a way to make money on Facebook? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

Ever get the feeling you were meant to do something great? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

If you had the money, would you jump at this opportunity? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

I know you don’t know but if you did know, what would you really like to have in life? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

How long will you have to continue working that many hours? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

Ever wish you could travel more? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

Ever think about how you would like to spend more time with your family? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

If someone were willing to show you how to make money from home, would you be coachable? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

Did you know there are ways to create income that flow into your bank account whether you roll out of bed or over in bed? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

If you had a magic wand, what would your perfect job be? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

If you had a magic wand, what would your perfect life be like? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

When you said you wanted to spend more time with your family, were you serious about that? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

Do you keep your options open when it comes to making extra money? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

Know anyone that has been affected by the economy that might be open to making some extra money? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

I am looking for a good financial planner/realtor/whatever to work with in the home business I am doing part time, do you know any? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

Do you like helping other people and would you be interested in getting paid to do so? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

Do you see yourself doing what you are doing 20 years from now? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

Have you found what you are looking for that will provide ultimate freedom for you and your family? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

If money was not an issue, what would you do for fun? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

If money was not an issue, how would you help people? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

What is it you would like to see in a home business? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

What do you like about what you are currently doing? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

What would you like to change about your current situation? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

What challenges have you faced in the past? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

What are your goals for this year? Why? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

What made you join a home business in the past? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

What did you hope to get out of your last home biz that you didn’t get? ==> (Your Marketing Page Link)

I help people who want to build their own business so they can quit their job without having to hit up their friends or chase strangers down the street… learn more ===> (Your Marketing Page Link)


*Solo Ads (Paid Strategy)

Solo ads are an extremely fast way to get traffic and are perfectly suitable for a wide range of advertising budgets.

Basically, solo ads advertising allows you to buy a mailing to another marketer’s email list letting them promote your link for you. If you have the money to invest, I highly recommend this strategy.

An excellent resource for buying solo ads is through Udimi, a highly trusted resource.

When using Udimi you can buy solo mailings from top vendors to get quality clicks and sales.


Solo Ad Facebook Groups

Another way to find quality Solo Ad Vendors is to check out some of these Solo Ad Groups on Facebook…

You can also search Facebook to find more. Look for groups where members offer testimonials about their solo ad purchases, sharing things like the vendor they used and the results of their ad, including the number of clicks purchased, number of clicks delivered, number of signups, and the number of sales.


Solo Ads and Adswaps


Solo Ads Sales Testimonials


Solo Ads Testimonials


Solo Ads Testimonials for Verified Vendors


Solo Ads for Beginners


*Classified Ad Sites (Free and Paid Strategy)

Classified Ad sites offer both free and paid posting of your ad. An example of a classified ad site that most people are familiar with is Craigslist… but I don’t recommend using that particular site because they are not very friendly to people promoting biz ops.

To get started you simply join the site… most are free to join. Next, submit your ad details… be sure to include the title of your ad, the description of what you are promoting, any images you want to include, and, of course, the link you are promoting.

Here is an extensive list of classified ad sites…

Here is another place where you can post your classified… you probably never would have thought about this one… the Warrior Forum. I didn’t even know that the had classified ads till I found this post. Here’s the link:

Utilizing Classifed Sites in your marketing can be very time consuming.  Also, you should use a link tracker to test the results of your advertising efforts.  Send me an email if you need to know more about this…


*Signature Marketing   (Free Strategy)

This method is quite simple… just add your link to the bottom of every email you send out along with a short blurb about Savings Highway Global.

In your email signature just add a P.S. inviting anyone you email to join your offer.


Here is an example:

Want a Simple Side Project That Can Earn You an Extra $500 – $1000 Every Month?

Here’s another example:

Learn How the Average Family Saves $5000 + a Year with Cash Back Off of Things They Buy Anyway!


Signature Marketing On Marketing Forums

Another way to use email signatures is by participating in marketing forums. When you post on the forum you can include a similar “signature file” in the footer of your posts.

Be sure you are genuinely contributing quality content to the forum or you’ll be flagged as just another spammer, and you’ll probably be banned from the forum.

Here is a link to a blog post that lists many of the top affiliate marketing forums you can post on…


*Twitter (X) Marketing, Cash Blurbs   (Free and Paid Strategies)

If you have a Twitter (X) account you can promote there to drive clicks to your link.

Here is a link to a blog post that offers 12 powerful Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work…

Another platform that works similar to Twitter is the CashBlurbs Traffic System.

With CashBlurbs you can receive traffic and clicks almost INSTANTLY! Plus you can get other members to send you FREE traffic as well. Free members can post one ‘Cashblurb’ every day to earn 100% free traffic. You have several options for joining, including a free membership and an unlimited version that can TRIPLE your traffic.

Click here and watch this video for more details of the CashBlurbs system… click here.


*Social Media Marketing   (Free and Paid Strategies)

A proven method to get traffic and clicks is by inviting your “friends & followers” to join the offer through your promotional link. Don’t overdo posting on your FB wall as you don’t want to alienate friends and family members… they will see this as “SPAMMING”. You can add a link to your website to your Profile in the “About/Contact and Basic Info” area.

Another strategy is to join Facebook FREE ad groups that allow you to post your ads to other people’s group members for no cost. I recommend linking to “freebie” giveaways such as customized eBooks in the “Make Money Online” niche. Drop me an email as I can help with this. I caution you… don’t overdo this. Facebook is getting mighty touchy about this. I got put in “Facebook Jail: multiple times for just posting the same motivational memes to multiple FB Groups.

(Note: you must be logged into Facebook in order to view the list of free ad groups.)

You can also use paid FB Ads to promote your Savings Highway Global business. Be careful here… do some research. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can burn through a lost a cash very quickly.

Here’s the link to create your FREE membership…


Using Social Media posts or images to engage your audience

To get the most out of your Social Media marketing come up with ways to engage your audience… get them to comment and like your posts.  Your friends and relative are NOT really interested in haveing you pitch them with your offers.

Try asking them questions:

Know anybody interested in a side project to make some money?
Looking for ways to grow a side income fast?
Tired of wasting time & money trying to make more cash?


You could also use some of the text message examples in the first section above…

Base your question on your audience.  If you are posting on your own FB timeline, the questions would be different than those you would post on a FB Business page or a FB Group centered on marketing or owning an online business. Be creative!


Social Media Private Messages and Permission Emails

Create curiosity… it’s like whispering, “I might be on to something good… take a look and tell me what you think”

Here’s a Private Message you might sent to a FB friend:
“Hey firstname, hope you are doing well. I got something going on, can I send you a link?”
You could say something like: “I found something cool… can I share it with you?”
“Have you seen this yet?  >>> (Your Marketing Page Link)



*Your Own Website or Blog   (Free and Paid Strategies)

One of the best traffic sources you utilize is to have your own website or blog. This can generate a steady flow of visitors to your website as well as establish credibility to you as a business owner.

You must consistently add fresh new content that is relevant to your viewers for this to work… and to get indexed by Google.

I get a lot of my new team members through visitors to this website, Savings Highway Global Success.

In fact, currently when you Google “Savings Highway Global, my website is listed in the #5 position behind a few SHG corporate web pages. That’s pretty good!

If you don’t have a website of your own, you can post on other people’s blog sites to create a steady stream of traffic. It’s called “Guest Posting”.

Here is a link to a blog post explaining how you can get in on this terrific way to promote your business…

Another idea is to use this service which will place your blog content for you. This is a paid service starting at about $10. It’s called “Traffic Ivy”… here’s the link:



* Viral Mailers, Safelists, and List Builders   (Free and Paid Strategies)

Viral Mailers, Safelsists, and List Builders have been around a long time… but they still work. As with any FREE marketing strategy, you must work consistently to achieve success. Also, FREE marketing strategies do not work as quickly as PAID strategies, and there is still a cost… time.

I have a complete tutorial on using this promo method under the “Resources” tab, or you can just click here:


Please check back here often as I will be adding more methods in the future. I try to list methods that appeal to different skill sets AND marketing budgets. As always, if you have any questions, just contact me here: