Business Building Strategies – Part 3

Here is the last discussion on business building…

Attraction Marketing Strategies

How would one define Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is setting up a system that draws people to come to YOU versus you seeking them out… like a magnet draws things made of iron.

Wouldn’t you like to have potential team members seek YOU out and ask to join your business instead of you chasing them down? No doubt!

In order to more easily demonstrate how Attraction Marketing worksI have set up a 7 video bootcamp on one of my marketing websites. This is totally free and no strings attached…

take a look:


Skills Needed for Success – Creating Valuable Content

As you watch the blueprint videos mentioned above, you will see that content creation is of paramount importance in the Attraction Marketing strategy.

This content could be writing Facebook posts, articles, blogposts, posting images and memes, creating videos or podcasts… any number of different ways to communicate YOUR message and demonstrate that YOU are THE authority to follow. Right?

And if YOU are THE authority, doesn’t it establish YOU as THE person someone would want to join as a business partner? Exactly!


Investment Needed for Success

As you can perceive from the list of content types that you can create and utilize to draw followers, time is once again the top requirement.

But it doesn’t take that much time, especially if you multi-task.

What do I mean by that?

First, you could write a 400-500 word article or blog post related to succeeding in your business, or getting positive results from using your product(s).

The next day you could just make a video of yourself reading this article. It may or may not feature yourself in the video… you could just show a PowerPoint outline as you read. After your video is created you could post in on Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo… whatever video streaming site you choose… or ALL of them.

The next day you could either extract the audio from your video to create an .MP3 audio file to upload to a podcasting site… or you could just make an entirely new recording just for the podcast.

In this way you have only had to come up with new idea once, and yet you made three different valuable pieces of content to market with.


Three things to think about here…

  • You do need a good idea with real value for your audience…
  • You need to be sure to include a call to action. Be sure to tell your audience what they need to do to experience success…
  • You have to be consistent… following this plan I suggest you make two pieces of content every week. That will require six days, an hour or so each day… right? Take Sunday off… or use that day brainstorming new content ideas.

I personally love to write… so I just focus on writing articles and blogposts every day.

You may prefer making just videos or just audio recordings. I know a VERY successful Attraction Marketer that uses his phone to record himself explaining “how-to” audios that he posts to his podcasts on iTunes and Stitcher several days each week.

The point here is this… following the Attraction Marketing strategy you can create an awesome presence on the web and build YOUR brand that will attract people to you and join you in YOUR business.


What Do You Need To Do Now?

You must take action with ONE of these strategies… Advertising, Social Media, or Attraction Marketing.

Evaluate YOURSELF… what would work best with your skills and personality… MAKE IT HAPPEN!

If you have questions, I am here to help…


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