Viral Mailers Marketing Tutorial

Viral Mailers ans Safelists have been around for a long time… Why?… Because they work! Here is a well-done training video by master marketer Darren Olander which explains exactly what these marketing tools are… how to get the best results… and how to setup your GMail accounts properly.   Here’s another great training I found … Read more

Business Building Strategies – Part 3

Business Building Strategies

Here is the last discussion on business building… Attraction Marketing Strategies How would one define Attraction Marketing? Attraction marketing is setting up a system that draws people to come to YOU versus you seeking them out… like a magnet draws things made of iron. Wouldn’t you like to have potential team members seek YOU out … Read more

Business Building Strategies – Part 2

Business Building Strategies

Here is a short discussion of our second business building strategy… Social Media Marketing Strategies First of all, I will be addressing this strategy toward marketing on Facebook, but the ideas I am explaining are essentially the same on all Social Media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Linked In… and all the rest. When promoting their … Read more

Business Building Strategies – Part 1

Business Building Strategies

Before you start sharing your Savings Highway Global Busines and building your team, I want to break down the various ways you can utilize to promote it. I basically teach three business building strategies… Advertising Strategies… both free and paid. Social Media Marketing Strategies… done the right way… NO SPAMMING! Attraction Marketing Strategies… bring potential … Read more

Getting Started…

              Greg Ray     Platinum Team Leader Savings Highway Global   Welcome to Savings Highway Global Success… My name is Greg Ray. I am your Platinum Team Leader, and I want to welcome you to our team. Be sure to check below for the two tasks I have for you to complete so we can … Read more