Building An Advertising Plan – Part 1

If you are like me, you probably have not really thought out the advertising strategies for YOUR business, other than “I wonder if this will work”… right?

I am in the process of thinking through my objectives and strategies to determine what will work best for me… and so I thought you might also benefit from my journey as well.

First Step

The first thing you need to do is develop and build an advertising plan. I have read many very successful marketers talking about their business plan, but not drilling down and discuss building just this one aspect of their business.

So, I hope these ideas help…

First question: What does your advertising plan include? How many types or methods will you use? Consider the following steps:

1. Create a list of the elements that you want to use in your advertising plan. Consider the costs involved, and your ROI (Return On Investment) Then, factor in your budget. How many of these methods spell success FOR YOU?

2. Evaluate… look at each of the advertising methods you came up with. Determine which of these is most beneficial for YOUR business. Check off those that are a possibility. If a strategy instantly seems to be a good one, mark it as such. If there is no way that it will work for you, cross it off!

3. Look for cost cutting methods. Can you cut costs by creating your own ad copy or graphics… or is that something best left to the professionals. Look outside of the box before writing off any of these advertising methods.

4. Build your business advertising plan step by step. Create your campaign ad layout, catchphrase, headlines, subheads, and call-to-action… if you don’t know what any of these are then you need more training OR you need to enlist the help of a professional. I recommend a book by Jim Edwards called Copywriting Secrets… I got mine on Amazon.

5. Tracking… the most important factor after you launch an advertising campaign is to track your results. How can you know if a strategy is responsive if you don’t track it… you’re just spinning your wheels. There are lots of link trackers out there, but if you want, just send me your affiliate link and I will create a custom link tracker for you using my generic domain.

6. Come back and look at your plan after you launch it. Let it run for a couple of days and check your tracking numbers. How well did each of the elements work? Is there something more that you could have done or changes that you could have made? If so, factor those in for the next time around.

7. An effective advertising plan tackles a wide range of mediums and it delivers a clear message. It also provides your audience with a clear solution to the ever-popular question, “What does this business do for me?”

If you have questions, I am here to help…


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