What Is Attraction Marketing?

It’s a world of buzzwords, isn’t it? There are so many that someone even wrote a satire on the pretense of modern society and its hype that has been funneled down into terms like “the big picture” and “game plan” and even “client focused”. There are dozens of these terms and they show up in marketing programs all the time. You can get immune to all the buzzwords after a while and stop paying attention.

The internet seems to have particularly attracted hype and promises. “Make Your First Million in Your First Year!” How many times have you read that message or some form of it?

“Get Rich Right Now!” And what is your reaction? If you’re like most people your reaction is to click off the website or turn down the volume on your television or turn the page in a magazine to get it out of your sight. People today are so much more educated and informed and they know better than to believe wild promises.

Why this response?

It’s because you don’t believe it. People today are so much more educated and informed and they know better than to believe wild promises of quick riches.You don’t really believe that you can make your first million dollars within a year so the marketing message comes across as a lie. And who wants to listen to or read lies? Your thoughts and your focus do not remain on the message because your common sense tells you that it’s not really possible…at least not for you.

Think about this scenario for a minute…

You see an advertisement and then abandon it right away. No attraction there…right? But how can you not be interested in making a million dollars in one short year? How can you not want to get rich quick? That question leads us right to the Law of Attraction.

You attract to your life what you believe in, give focus to, and find authentic. The ad might be hype…it might not be… but you won’t find out because your focus and attention is not truly on success.

The concept of the Law of Attraction, though not always called by this name, has been around for decades. First popularized in the 1910 book The Science of Getting Rich written by Wallace D. Wattles, it was solidified as a school of thought in Napoleon Hill’s famous book Think and Grow Rich published in 1937. Then a movie called The Secret was produced and released by Rhonda Byrne in 2006 and the Law of Attraction entered modern times. The movie popularized the Law of Attraction and suddenly millions were enthralled by the idea.

But here is the interesting fact about The Secret. The movie is a documentary about optimistic thinking, but it was distributed using a brilliant marketing campaign that included offering online streaming video movie versions. The movie’s huge success was directly attributed to the marketing program that attracted millions of viewers. In other words, the Law of Attraction was the topic of a movie that used Law of Attraction marketing to achieve success!

The Law of Attraction makes sense…

If you concentrate on and believe in what you want to achieve in life, you can succeed. So what if you apply these intense deeply personal beliefs to real world marketing to attract customers…which is what you really want and need to grow your business?

Using the tools that the Law of Attraction principles provide can help you succeed in business by helping you connect with people.

One of the reasons so many people get bogged down in careers that bring them little satisfaction is fear. There’s plenty to fear too if you want to live your life afraid all the time.

For example…

  • You can fear not being able to pay the bills…
  • You can fear what other people will think if you start an internet business…
  • You can fear your family’s reaction to your entrepreneurial spirit…
  • You can fear how much time an internet business will require…

Of course, millions of people right now wish they had not been afraid of starting something new because they lost their full-time jobs! One of the advantages of internet marketing is that you can start part-time if you want. The business will be there to take it full-time when you are ready.

After you read the content in the following posts, you are going to feel ready to take your internet business to the next level.

Most internet marketing activities are actually pretty simple to use. If you are ready to transform your business, then read on! But there is a warning attached to this material.

You are not going to read hype and half-truths and a lot of technical how-to information that is typical of books on internet marketing.

You are instead going to read an explanation of the Law of Attraction in easy to understand terms, and then you will read about 21 things you can do to apply the principles to your business.

In the following sections we will cover a lot of material. You will learn about having a passion for your business, how to brand yourself and how to issue calls to action. You will learn about analytics, leveraging and website design. There is a section on the Long Tail and about humanizing yourself on the web. There are examples of how the theory can be practically applied with actual internet marketing tools but we won’t get bogged down like some books do. The reason is simple: master the concepts of the Law of Attraction and its application to your business will become clear.

It begins with focus…



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