Business Building Strategies – Part 2

Here is a short discussion of our second business building strategy…

Social Media Marketing Strategies

First of all, I will be addressing this strategy toward marketing on Facebook, but the ideas I am explaining are essentially the same on all Social Media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Linked In… and all the rest.

When promoting their business on Social media, many marketers, if not most, go about this in the wrong way entirely.

Their upline tells them to post images of their products, company logos, and such with their affiliate links.

In the long run this doesn’t really work, for three reasons.

  1. It is against Facebook’s policies… you don’t want to end up in “Facebook Jail” and get locked out of your account!
  2. It alienates family and friends… they don’t really want to see your ads on their Facebook wall over and over and over again. It’s pretty easy to click that “unfriend” button.
  3. Ask yourself this… who are you really promoting when you follow this strategy? Your company, right? You want to be promoting yourself. Prospects join YOU, not your company.


Rethink Your Social Media Strategy

Here’s the number one rule… STOP Spamming!

Don’t post those product ads and such… instead, post information and questions that engage your audience and draw them into conversations with you. Give away free gifts like my “Home Business Evaluation Guide“…  I will create a custom copy of the guide using your Savings Highway Global affiliate link instead of mine… just email me and I’ll send it to you.

You are in the travel industry, so post photos of the exotic places they can go on vacation with a caption like, “Ask me how you can book your next vacation here for just $295 for the whole week”. Get them to ask you questions about your business.

Make posts that share your latest savings on car insurance… or any of the other opportunities for your friends and family to save money on what they are already spending.

Don’t put your company name or logo on your Facebook page… and by all means, don’t post any affiliate links on your timeline or wall.


Join Purpose Driven Networkers

Purpose Driven Networkers is a paid Facebook Group that focuses on marketing your network marketing business using social media… specifically, Facebook. The PDN group was created my Simon Chan, and the cost is just $10.

I paid $3100+ to train with Simon Chan… and it was worth it. But here’s what I found out: Simon teaches almost everything I learned in the FB Group… no need to pay the  big bucks.

Simon provides live “Go DMO” where he prospects together with you twice each day. He also does a live training and motivation teaching in his “Lesson of the Day”, and he gives you access to his “Ultimate Online Duplication Vault” where there is currently 1013+ short and effective video trainings on any topic you can probably imagine… all this for just $10.

I highly recommend you get this as your #1 social media training tool… I value it so highly that I purchased a 1-on-1 training package to work personally with Simon for the next 3 months. I spen $3100+ for this package so you won’t have to.


Here’s the link to Purpose Driven Networkers:
(No Affiliate link here… I make nothing from my referrals)


Skills Needed for Success – Engaging Your Audience

If you are doing Social Media the right way, you are meeting new people and building a trust relationship with them.

Get to know them and trust you first… then offer them your business. Both of the trainings I listed above teach this… I recommend them very highly.

If you make it a point to meet just a couple of new people each day and enter into real conversation with them, developing that trust relationship, opportunities to share your business will just come naturally.

A totally different approach…


Investment Needed for Success

The greatest thing about Social Media marketing is this… it costs YOU nothing! Zilch! Nada!

Of course, there is an investment of time… that goes without saying. But if you invest your time in helping other people, you will build an army of dedicated followers of YOU!

I encourage you once again to check out those trainings I listed above… very important!

In part 3 of this discussion we will look at an overview of Attraction Marketing Strategies which work hand in hand with the Social Media Marketing Strategies we discussed today.


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