Take A Look At What I’m Building For My Team

Here’s a quick update on the resources and tools that I am building for the members of my Savings Highway Global Success Team.

Most of these resopurces are already available to you under the “resources” tab… but some of these are planned and will be available soon!

I believe that there is upmost importance of your marketing system when building a team based business.

I feel so strongly about it that I am literally spending hours building upon what I have learned in my 10+ years in the online marketing niche to build just such a system.

All you will have to do is join my team and plug into the system.

And best of all, my system is free to everyone who joins my team, and to everyone that joins with them as well.

So, let’s take a look at both what I have already built, and what I am planning in the near future.


My Savings Highway Global Success Website

OK, this first tool is basically complete. Yes, there will be additions and future modifications… I am always looking to improve my system.

Some of you will also be involved is this process as you build your “SHG” business. I will be looking for blog posts and testimonials that tell your story.

I will also be adding more marketing tools and resources as they are developed and tested.


Ad Copy Examples

One thing people new to the online business scene have difficulty with is coming up with ‘what to say” in their ads and promotions.

Yes, the company provides some help in this area, but remember, thousands of other affiliates are probably using these as well. After awhile these get overused and stale… you always need new and vibrant copywriting.


Custom Optin Landing Pages

Another necessary tool for promoting your business is a custom landing page with an optin form to build your subscriber list.

There are two things to think about when promoting your “SHG” business with the company provided website:

  • Most everyone else is using the same website… there’s nothing there to set YOU apart from the other affiliates.
  • You basically get one shot… the prospect sees your website and they either join, or they leave.

By using an optin page to gather the prospects contact information, your autoresponder will send out daily messages to keep your prospect informed about your business and keep it on their mind. It has been tested and proven that, on the average, a potential team member will need to see your message 7-10 times before they will join you. Our follow-up messages currently number 14 and I’m constantly adding more.



An autoresponder is a great marketing tool… this is an eamil marketing service that automatically sends out messages to your subscriber list. In fact, this message series that you have been receiving each day is delivered by autoresponder.

Savings Highway Global now provides autoresponder messages and two different lead capture pages to every team member. The first is called the “Video Page”, and the second, the “Static Page”. Here are the links to my two pages so you can see what they look like:

Savings Secret Video Page

Travel Secret Static Page


Both of these pages are very well done, and I encourage you to use them… however, there are things to consider first.

  • Once again, every team will be using the same lead capture pages… there is nothing to separate you from the thousands of other Savings Highway Global team members.
  • Both of these pages promote the company… not you.
  • You have no control over these pages nor the company provided autoresponders.
  • If you ever leave the company you will lose all access to any leads you have generated… in other words, the marketing list you are building is the companies property, not yours.

So, you will eventually want to get your own service… it is a tool that every online business needs at their disposal. You can get your own autoresponder service for $20 or less per month.

But until you do that, if you want, I will provide autoresponder services for you on your behalf. All of the messages going out to your prospects will have YOUR referral links. I will foot the bill until you are ready to get your own service. And I will give you a spreadsheet file of any and all of the leads you generate, so you won’t lose them.


Follow-Up Messages

Another tool you will need is the follow-up message set. Two options will be available for you.

If you utilize my “team provided” autoresponder, the message set will already be pre-loaded with your own referral links.

Also, in the “Resources” tab of the team website site you will find some generic home business follow-up message sets that you can customize and use. They are already somewhat branded for the Savings Highway Global business opportunity, but they can be modified for ANY home business that you might be considering. Watch for them soon…


Social Media Promotion Tools

One tool that everyone has access to… and it doesn’t cost them a thing, is Social Media… especially Facebook.

But not everyone is proficient at creating graphics and videos to promote their new business… and think of the time required!

When you join my Savings Highway Global Success team, you will find Sicial Media graphics in the “Resources” tab. Once again, those will be coming soon.


Customized eBooks

Another great tool is my customized eBooks. You will find the first one by clicking this link —->   Top Secret Report

If you’d like your own Top Secret Report customized with your photo, name, and contact information, drop me a message at the email below with your information included, and I’l get one right out to you. It’s a great marketing tool to use with Facebook, or other Social Media like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linked-In. my contact information is listed in the image at the bottom of this post.


The second customized eBook is called the “Home Business Evaluation Guide.

I actually wrote this eBook over five years ago for the members of my team in a different home business opportunity. It was so popular that I actually sold customized copies to other marketers who were NOT in my own personal downline.

The third is called “Free and Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Business”. Just as the title suggests, this eBook focuses on ideas you can utilize to promote your travel business… or any online business, for that matter.

Once again, all of these eBooks will be customized with your referral links, portrait photos, and contact information.


F*R*E*E and Low Cost Advertising Sources

In the “resources” tab you will also find advertising sources that have been been TESTED BY ME to be effective for promoting your “SHG” business.

You have two assets available as you build YOUR business… Time and Money… you don’t want to waste either on advertising that doesn’t work.



One last item that I will mention is the “Training” tab on the team website. This is where you will find detailed training on promoting and building your travel business.


Greg Ray - Platinum Executive Team Leader

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