Voice Mail Message 1

Here is a voice mail drop message if you miss talking to them: (1st Message)


Hi, _____________.  I’m calling you because I was just notified by one of my websites that you have indicated that you have an interest in making some additional income by working from home!

I’m sorry I missed you…


I would like to send you an email with a link to a website containing a short video that will explain everything that we do… it should give you a really good idea of everything involved…


Also, I have a 3 day 2 night Vacation Getaway Voucher for you just for taking the time to visit with me..

I would like to follow up and help you get all the information you need, and to answer any questions. Could you please return my call? I promise our whole conversation will take less than 3 minutes.  If I don’t hear from you, I will try once more to connect…OK?  Here’s my phone number… 1-405-556-1873.


I really think you’ll like what we have, and I’m looking forward to speaking with you for a few minutes.


By the way, if I happen to be busy on another call please leave your phone number and the best time for me to call you back. My name is Greg Ray and my phone number again is  1-405-556-1873.


Have a great day…